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  • Dealership Contacts (701) 352-6607
  • Sales (701) 352-6607
  • Service (701) 352-6606
    • Steve Rudnik Photo
      Steve Rudnik
      Service Manager
    • Len Wysocki Photo
      Len Wysocki
      Body Shop Manager
    • Teri Dahl Photo
      Teri Dahl
      Service & Parts Clerk
    • Dean Woinarowicz Photo
      Dean Woinarowicz
      Service Technician
    • Jay Skjerven Photo
      Jay Skjerven
      Service Technician
    • Scott Almen Photo
      Scott Almen
      Service Technician
    • Ryan Almen Photo
      Ryan Almen
      Service Technician
    • Leon hart Photo
      Leon hart
      Truck Technician
    • Jeremy Bosch Photo
      Jeremy Bosch
      Truck Technician
    • Marvin Martin Photo
      Marvin Martin
      Truck Technician
    • Linda Klug Photo
      Linda Klug
      Body Shop Receptionist
    • Frank Klie Photo
      Frank Klie
      Body Technician
  • Parts (701) 352-6607
    • Tom Molde Photo
      Tom Molde
      Parts Manager
    • Devin Droog Photo
      Devin Droog
      Parts Consultant
    • Jacon Pic Photo
      Jacon Pic
      Parts Consultant